Our Principles

The Quiet Skies Los Altos Hills group maintains four principles that guide our efforts.

First, noise is not free. The FAA must balance safety, cost, and noise. The FAA may control the airspace 500 feet above the ground, but this does not give them the right to send us unlimited waste noise generated by aircraft.

Second, all citizens are stakeholders. The FAA must acknowledge that airlines and passengers are not the only ones affected by their decisions and programs. We on the ground deserve to be heard and accommodated.

Third, aircraft noise should simply not increase. Aircraft noise is the new second hand smoke. The FAA should not permit an increase in aircraft noise at any point within the 50 states without a process of eminent domain. Technology should progressively reduce aircraft noise, not just move it.

Fourth, any solution to these problems must be established at a regional or national level. Residents of all the cities in the Bay Area Metroplex must organize together. We need to establish a consensus to be communicated to the FAA by our elected representatives. We cannot be successful if each city acts alone.